Ensure that vehicle design remains relevant even in a time when all transportation is autonomous and impersonal.

Phiaro was started by Toshihiro Iwasaki’s grandfather in 1939 as a manufacturer of wooden molds in Tokyo. Toshihiro has been visiting the family’s production facilities since he was a child, where he got to know the world of manufacturing through the aroma of wood in the wood shop and the smell of oil from the machinery.

After joining the family business, he traveled to various factories to learn all aspects of work (digital and physical) on site.

He learned about the engineer’s thought process, the difficulties of technology, and the wide world of design through the production of concept cars, and how to think, understand, and act on what the designer wants to express through each project’s concept.

In 2013, he moved to the U.S., where he learned about different cultures and enjoyed the diversity of design, which led to a major change in his thinking. In recent years, he has been exploring the new world of HMI and UIUX himself, creating a new era.

PHIARO, INC. has grown into a company that produces concept cars for automakers of all sizes worldwide.

In his private life, he drives cars from all over the world, imprinting design, culture, and history on his mind. He is planning to participate in an upcoming rally event with classic cars from the 1970s.



See how we’re using the latest technologies:

  • Custom curved display

  • UIUX

  • EV platform-Development

  • Battery management system

  • Virtual Reality Testing (VR/AR/MR)

  • Eye and body tracking

  • Voice recognition

  • Hardware control/Software development

  • CG creations

  • Advance lighting

  • Graphic user interface

  • Graphic User Interface (Unity/Kanzi)