Your Concept Car Specialists

We are committed to making the impossible stand the test of time, to the highest standards of quality, to help designers and engineers further push the envelope, and to evoke “Wow!” from everyone who sees our work.

Phiaro has been in business for more than 80 years and has always put quality first, with experienced craftsmen and women who always strive for perfection. We also believe in developing new technologies and are working on new technologies such as EV cars, EV batteries, and UIUX. Phiaro brings tradition and innovation together.

Phiaro can do design, engineering, modeling including interior and exterior, UIUX, everything in our company. Phiaro Inc. is located in Irvine, Orange County. We also have 6 locations and over 300 employees in total in Japan. Even for time-sensitive projects, we are able to work 24/7 between the US and Japan. We solve problems through design and  make the impossible possible.


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